We are truly excited to announce  ReumoPLAN USA has been named as the EXCLUSIVE MASTER DISTRIBUTOR in the US and  Canada for Ayurveda Medicine !  

The manufacturer of this Ayurveda medicine offers 47 supplements that they sell all over the world with distributors in China, Japan, Spain, Norway, Macedonia, Romania & The Czech Republic and NOW the US & Canada. Their top 4 best sellers are Joint Aid Plus - Curcumin, Dia-Beta ( Natural Sugar Control ) & Garcinia Cambogia (a weight loss supplement ) recently mass marketed and sold out on TV!! We now offer them!      We offer ( for half the price of Reumofan or double the pills, however you see it ) what we consider to be a lifestyle "PLAN" which consists of 2 HERBAL - 100% All Natural supplements that we believe were the MAGIC INGREDIENTS in Reumofan. Please take the time to read below about AYURVEDA MEDICINE and the next couple pages about our "Joint Aid Plus" and our special brand of pure "Curcumin" which in our opinion was the ( magic ingredient) in Reumofan. For best results you should take both pills TOGETHER !!! Some of the top doctors on TV speak of all of the benefits of Curcumin and suggest EVERYONE to make it part of their daily life.  We still get it directly from India (where it grows) and I am SURE, as you once were a Reumo-FAN you will now love our ReumoPLAN.


              Ayurveda Medicine

What has to exist, exists, no matter how the world changes. Any science that is applicable survives through different generations and flows from one generation to another. Nature has it's unique way to make or break a system, and we just remain an onlooker, erased by passage of time. So, AYURVEDA is a SCIENCE of MEDICINE that has faced turmoil of all times and is still emerging as the leading alternative health care system in the world. Ayurveda is the worlds oldest science of health care dating back 5,000 years but the oral tradition remains     timeless !!!! 



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